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Project Description
The Directory Manifest Generator creates an XML directory manifest for a specified target directory. It is designed to be run through a command-line or as an MSBuild task. It is developed in C#, using Visual Studio 2008 but targeting .Net 2.0.

The MSBuild Directory Manifest generator writes out details of all the files in a directory to an XML file. Possible purposes of this manifest are
  • To determine what files and file versions are generated as part of a build
  • To verify what static files (JPGs, text files, etc.) have changed between builds by comparing file sizes
  • To verify that all the files generated by a build were successfully deployed via an installer
  • For tech support to quickly compare a deployed build against the expected files in the known build

The tool is packaged in two forms: an MSBuild custom task and a command-line executable.

Sample manifest output
Using the DirectoryManifestTask MSBuild Task
Using the GenerateManifest.exe command-line executable

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